Can you eat the graphics?

Yes! It is a sugar based paper with vegetable dye so it just melts in your mouth. It is FDA and Kosher approved.

What is the shelf life of the chocolate?

The chocolate place cards will taste good and look terrific for up to a year (providing it is kept in temperature between 10 and 15 degrees celsius. Our truffles should be eaten within a month.

At what temperature should I store the chocolate?

Fine quality chocolate does not like extremes of temperature, so it is best not stored in a fridge. In summer an airconditioned room is fine and if you are travelling in a car an esky is a good way to ensure the temperature stays below 15 degrees.

Do you ship interstate and overseas?

Yes we do – standard freight charges will apply and allow a few extra days lead time for other parts of Australia and overseas orders. We ensure our chocolates are sent in temperature controlled conditions to keep them in tip-top condition.

How do I send my graphics to you?

You can email the graphics or photo as a jpg (300 dpi) or post if preferred. Let us know the text you would like, font preference etc. We then do a mock-up design and email to you for approval. If you are having individual names on the chocolate we need the guest list a week in advance.

Is the chocolate good quality?

Our chocolatier uses fine milk chocolate and the best ingredients in the truffles – quality is very important to us.

Do you have minimum quanitites?

Our minimum quanitites are

Chocolate Napolitan 4000 units
Chocolate Bus Card /Place card 100 units
La petite Grande (3 or 6 truffle) 40 units
La Grande 25 units
Other products Variable please contact us

Do you have an art set up fee?

An art set up fee of $85.00 will apply if orders are under our minimum requirements.

I’ve seen chocolate that has gone white – what does this mean and is it safe to eat?

If the chocolate blooms (goes white in patches) this does not affect the taste, only the look of the chocolate. It means it has been exposed to extremes of temperature (eg a warm car to a fridge) causing the cocoa butter to separate and rise to the surface.


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